Major Research Paper Option


Step 1: Choose an MRP supervisor and a second reader

Step 2: Have your MRP supervisor sign off on your MRP proposal and send a copy to Graduate Program Assistant ( The GPA will send you an email with the confirmation after which you can enrol in the course online. Once this is done, you can start your MRP.

Notes: the MRP proposal should be 1-2 pages in length. You should also review Guidelines for Writing a Major Research paper (MRP)

When submitting your final version of your MRP (after your supervisor and second reader have no more revisions for you to make and a pass has been assigned to your paper) please submit two bound copies of the MRP to the GPA (

Please continue to monitor the emails to find out the deadlines of submitting your final copies of the MRP.


If you are using "human participants" for your MRP you will need to complete "ethics" forms that need to be approved by our internal ethics committee before proceeding.

List of forms that are required to be completed:

  • Form TD1
  • Form TD2
  • Form TD3

Ethics forms can be found on the FGS website.

In addition, student should also complete the following online tutorial on Ethics:

Print the completion page and send it to the GPA.

Ethics forms can be forwarded to the Graduate Program Assistant ( to forward to the ethics committee for approval at any time.

Please remember to keep an eye on graduation and degree requirement deadlines on the FGS website so that you fulfill all program requirements including completion of your MRP by the required deadlines.